sobota 1. srpna 2015

Dear diary... #1

Since I m not officially working a fulltime job anymore, my days are pretty different. There is no waking up at any certain time, or regular schedule, which is sometimes pretty pleasant but after few days it drives you crazy.  Still I think, interesting things are about to happen, and I do believe, there has to be a way to live a similar creative life in a different country as well. I v always dreamed about moving to Berlin. Its sad to realize, that I consider myself to be braver in my illusions than in my reality.

Will I find the right new friends? Those ones that you meet up with, not just because you have nothing to do, but you really care about them, want to be updated w their lifes, and actually spending time with them is a way of enjoying life to the fullest.

What about the work? Pourring coffee and working in some hipster city area would be cool in my early 20s – but almost at the end ( of my life :D) of 20s, I think there is no time– to – waste time with meaningless jobs or meaningless anything. But money is good to have for sure and there isn’t any  suggestion on it, where one has  earned it from.  The only thing, which really matters in the end is , if you can pay for your rent or not.

Being in relationship can be an added value in life, but it could completely twist and turn your situation as well.

Does a relationship mean to give up your dreams? Is a compromise something unnecessary in terms of staying with somebody for a longer time? Should I love him more then myself? Is it normal to split up just because of different recent goals and geography? Or should we both push our egos aside and listen to the voice of our hearts? What if that voice is just a calling of sirens, trying to bewitched and  divert  us from the right path in our adulthood.

All the questions, that I m having in my head are like a non stop roller-coaster riding up and down all over– and– over again. Nonstop. It s similar to when you like some kind of song at first , listening pretty often, but after a while you just cant get rid off it. The melody  is stucking in your head and it s driving you crazy. Literally.  

The future is always bright. But sometimes is hard to tell, because there is  too much light at the end of the  tunnel, so you cant follow, and you just stay helpless.  You cant see anything through that glow Well. Maybe trusting your instincts is the only thing, one can actually do in that situation. Maybe it s the only thing we should do in our lives anyway.

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  1. krásně napsáno! Mám to podobně, ale vybrala jsem si Bali :D každopádně myslím, že děláš správný krok, protože už to, že o tom přemýšlíš a hledáš východiska znamená, že by ses měla posunout a nezůstávat na místě, kde tě nejspíš v tuhle chvíli nic nového nečeká. Vzhůru dobrodružství !

    1. Objevovat nás hodně baví. Lokální mladé značky stejně jako důmyslné, propracované a ekologické.

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